It was at a very young age when I was introduced to house music in the early ‘90ies when my brothers brought home the now legendary Parkzicht cassette tapes. Years later, at school in Rotterdam I met David Vunk, founder of Moustache Records. Through his and my friend Robin Streefkerk’s enthousiasm I started buying vinyl records at Triple Vision, Basic Beat, Clone and spinning at friends parties, Waterfront Rotterdam and Bootleg DJ Cafe Rotterdam. After several years my interest moved towards creating beats and started off with Reason (with some help of my friend Dizztance :-). Visiting the impressive studio of David made me decide to go on with hardware and bought my first synth, the Roland AlphaJuno-2 of New World Aquarium (of Delsin fame). Nowadays music is created with old analogues like the Roland TR-808 and Jupiter-4 combined with new technologies like AbletonLive, trying to catch the spirit that once started in Detroit.

Tracks such as ‘The Runner’ was already broadcasted during “The Intergalactic FM Demo Contest 2009” and judged by international panel of producers, including I-F, Legowelt, Rude66, Alden Tyrell, Syncom Data and others.

‘Mechanisms of Sleep’ was picked out as one of the top favorites by Steve Rachmad during the SAE Audiobot competition of April 2010! Reviewing the track as ‘intense techno in the vein of Berlin’s Redshape and Amsterdam’s Delsin record label.’

October 2010 ‘Detroit Daily’ won the SAE Audiobot Competition with Darko Esser (Wolfskuil records, Ovum). The track was fine-tuned at the professional SAE Studios Amsterdam with help, tips and tricks by the artist and studio engineer Marco Antonio Spaventi (M>O>S Recordings). The results are posted here on Soundcloud. Next to that a review of the studio session was published in the November edition of DJ Broadcast magazine!

2011 started off very promising with an interview on DJ Scene where Steve Rachmad recommended Baszline as an upcoming talent for that year! Previous years he mentioned Wouter de Moor and Tim Wolff of which both are doing very well now.